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Michigan rockers Veracity set out in 09’ to put a praise & worship spin on a rock sound similar to Skillet, Flyleaf or Paramore. After building a buzz locally with numerous shows, a strong demo and great trade of MP3s through its website, Veracity issued their debut 'Out Loud', in November 2013. The album is a mix of emotionally charged lyrics over hard hitting guitar breakdowns and driving percussion. It's single "Open My Eyes" hit the FM and internet airwaves earning a #1 spot on Christian Rock radio here and in Australia which also gave them a nomination for song of the year at the IMEA awards in 2014. They jumped to a much more modern rock sound on March 2016's 'Beautiful Mess' similar to Imagine Dragons and 30 Seconds to Mars, maintaining the edge they started with. They'd grown up considerably in the 3 years since 'Out Loud', and the new album hits hard lyrically straight from Lead vocalist Charlotte's own battle with bipolar depression along with
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Marysville, MI


Pop, Rock

Band Members:

Charlotte Donahue - Lead vocal
Chuck Donahue - Guitar
Paul Schloss - Drums
Back To Life
Plays: 2974
Be My Escape
Plays: 2908
Beautiful Life
Plays: 2858
Plays: 1972
Total Plays: 10712