How Does FAME Rating Work?

Heres how FAME Rating works:

We have created an algorithm that calculates the number of song plays, video plays, picture views, social media shares, and profile views. Anytime a person (unique visit) views your profile from within the Festival you have signed up for, our algorithm starts calculating all the above mentioned.  This will determine your FAME Rating.  Your FAME Rating will be different for every Festival you have signed up for.  You can sign up for up to 3 Festival Contests.

Your FAME Rating is VERY important, however; it does not mean you automatically win if your FAME Rating is the highest.  There are many other areas we are judging when picking winning artists.

We are looking at: Song Writing, Song Content, Content Message, Song Structure, Song Marketability, Band Marketability, Social Media, Videos, Professionalism, Promotions, Band History-(if it applies).

Your Fame Rating will greatly increase your chances of winning a performance slot at a Festival, however; we are looking for Quality and above average in every avenue of your band.

If you have specific questions regarding the Fame Rating feel free to email us:

How’s this thing work?

Rawkzilla has partnered with many CFA Festivals to help them find the best up and coming bands to play live. Each band will fill out an online application and create your own band profile page on the Rawkzilla American Battle website. Your band profile page will have pictures, mp3, bio, video, as well as links to any or all of your websites such as a (.com) or social networks. Rawkzilla staff along with festival and network and industry professionals will scout the bands online entries (their profile page) and hand pick the live performing bands.