Band Description
Living Scars was formed in 2012 by four young and inspired musicians who have the desire to reach out to a world that wants nothing to do with the Truth. Living Scars holds on to the hope that anyone listening will be inspired by the words that we sing in their own way so that they may one day fully understand that every human being is unique in the eyes of our creator. There will always be a light at the end of the long, merciless tunnel that we tread through every day. Through the trials we go through each day of our lives, we understand how difficult it can be to carry the heavy weight of this world. We cannot do it alone. Our purpose is to let it be known of the one who truly can lift us out of the pit in our darkest hours.
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Living Scars

Austin, TX


Metal, Rock

Band Members:

Parker Crook - Vocals
Greg Hoffman - Guitar
Chandler Crook - Drums
Adam Renteria - Bass / Backup Vocals
Plays: 65311
Total Plays: 65311