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What is required to enter the contest?

To enter, bands must complete a short informational profile and then upload at least one MP3 and one image to the profile. Bands can enter up to 3 Festival Contests.

How do I enter a competition?

First, you must register as a band and create your profile. Once you have registered, you can log in to your account.

What is this website about?

A: Rawkzilla Magazine:  Hottest News, Reviews & Interviews.  Rawkzilla website offers bands and artists opportunities to perform live at various music festivals and tours. Additionally, bands have the chance to win tons of cool prizes from Rawkzilla, Festivals and/or their partners. Fans can search for new music and support their favorite bands and artists by voting for them. There are many contests throughout the year so check back often.


Why when I try and upload an MP3 it says that the song is not a valid MP3 file?

Make sure the file is a valid mp3 file with the .mp3 extension.

How do I upload an audio track?

To upload a track, you must be registered as an artist and logged into your account. In your artist profile page, click the edit songs button located in the upper-right corner of your profile page.

Can I submit a cover song?

No, all audio submissions must be original songs and performances.

Once I submit my work, does Rawkzilla own the rights to it?

No, Rawkzilla only retains the right to market and use your audio track for the purpose of this contest; we do not own your song, lyrics, etc. The artist maintains all intellectual property rights to their work.

What’s the policy on profanity?

We shouldn't even be having this conversation, this is a Christian music contest.

How do I upload photos?

Login then click settings in the top right. From there click User then Photos. Follow the instructions on that page.