Band Description
What They Died For is made up of five friends from Long Island, NY who have found significance in following Jesus. Each member has their own story, their own way of which they have seen God come to life in their lives as they focused on him. Their 2013 release of "The World Won't Get You This" was inspired from Matthew 16:26 - "What good is it to gain the whole world, yet lose your soul". As a result of that album What They Died For has shared the stage with many artists, most notable Lacey Sturm, Islander, & Aaron Gillespie. What They Died For does everything themselves, from recording, to making every music video you see. Starting 2018 What They Died For has released 3 new videos off their upcoming album due out by the end of 2018. American Dream (Break Free) is their newest single, speaking to the culture of America; how we have the freedom and safety to do whatever we want, that ultimately causes us to push God out of our lives.
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What They Died For

New York, NY


Screamo, Rap, Metal, Rock

Band Members:

Steve Orfanos - Vocals
Chris Orfanos - Guitar
Will Ahrens - Bass
Andrew Sbarra - Guitar
Nigel Cobham - Drums
American Dream (Break Free)
Plays: 29
Plays: 14
Forgive Me
Plays: 15
The World Won't Get You This
Plays: 15
Know See Feel Love
Plays: 2
Total Plays: 75