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City Bridge Worship

Fame Rating: 50%

City Bridge Worship brings an original sound to the worship scene, with powerful worship lyrics accompanied along side strong


Fame Rating: 50%

GODS+WAY is a street ministry that spreads the good news of Jesus Christ with Rap. With a sound that is like none other every


Fame Rating: 50%

Imagine Peter walking on the stormy sea towards Jesus. Though he begins to sink, Jesus loves him the same and offers him

Midnight Williams

Fame Rating: 50%

We are a Christian Collective out of Kansas City, MO. We recently released our first EP, and it went great! We debuted at

Set For The Fall

Fame Rating: 50%

Undeterred with a singular vision, Set For The Fall aggressively hits the road on the Small Town America Tour with Seventh

Anni Donald

Fame Rating: 50%

My name is Anni and I am a fully devoted follower of Jesus with a heart for worshipping Him. I have had many personal struggles


Fame Rating: 50.2%

Tremelle wants people to be eternally changed by Christ. The Gospel hip-hop artist writes music to persuade men to look to

Harbor and Home

Fame Rating: 51.5%

Harbor and Home is an alternative rock band based out of Minneapolis MN. With rich soulful vocals and tight harmonies the


Fame Rating: 50.7%

I love Jesus & Music. I like to create memorable & mentionable sound. Come check me out on Youtube & Soundcloud

The Lasting Hope

Fame Rating: 70.1%

The Lasting Hope is a band from southern Indiana with a desire to reach this generation with the Gospel through not only

Promise Land

Fame Rating: 60.6%

Bold, High Quality, Professional, and Spiritually Thought-Provoking is the journey a listener will experience from Promise


Fame Rating: 50.6%

Former Drug Addict and Professional Thief Ghanghus D. Goins a cutter, did everything from sell and traffic drugs to embezzlement,


Fame Rating: 51.1%

Armor is an aspiring Christian artist with an indie feel. She is a self-taught musician and singer who started writing music

Saphyre Rain

Fame Rating: 66.4%

BAND BIO The 21st century sees the human race facing a suicide epidemic and raging self harm statistics. Open any newspaper,


Fame Rating: 50.5%

Sathiya has been leading worship since he was 19 years old and is currently serving at Selah Fire in Drayton, ON. Balancing