Band Description
Diverse. Youthful. Passionate. Creative. Skillful. Revival. WithLove is on a mission to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ while bringing the body of Christ together around the world. Hailing from Baltimore, people have also seen and heard them around the world in the UK, Romania, Hungary, and Turkey. Started in 2013, withLove is a dynamic ensemble of millennials on fire for the Lord, blessed with exceptional musical gifts. Their new sound, which includes splashes of alternative rock, but rooted in the Gospel and Contemporary Christian genres, is fresh and creative, flaunting the same racial and musical diversity that make up the ensemble. Their refreshing approach to the Gospel message can be found on the ensemble’s CD-album self-titled withLove. Their goal is that everything that this ensemble does is an active expression of love to God’s people.
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Baltimore, MD


Other, Pop Funk

Band Members:

David Warren - Band Leader, Keyboard, Vocals, Songwriter/Arranger
Stephen Waddy - Lead Guitar
Lauren Jenkins - Vocals
Jordan Williams - Drums
Myron Mollon - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Worth It All
Plays: 18
My Heart Cries Out
Plays: 15
Total Plays: 33