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The Band: Throughout the years, Show has had the pleasure of assembling numerous musicians and vocalists to form a dynamic band known as the “Hit Squad” or “The International Band”; upping the ante from just a performer to an entertainer. The stage is where he feels most at home. After focusing on mastering music production and building a thriving music studio, International Show is eager to get back on the road to spread the message of Jesus Christ while providing a relatable but spectacular performance simultaneously. With a desire to be used as a vessel of God, Show hopes to motivate and inspire others by proving with his own life that they don't have to be perfect to have a divine connection. Show believes our testimonies are what makes us useful to the kingdom and our honesty about imperfection is what draws populations to the goodness of God. We at S.O.E. would love to partner with you to bring International Show to a city near you, to spread "the good news" with a
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International Show

Boston, MA


Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative

Band Members:

International Show - Vocalist
Make a Way (feat. Kaovanny)
Plays: 21
Total Plays: 21