Band Description
Weak Made Strong is a Christian worship anthem band based in Whittier, California. The group has a passion for leading the imperfect yet beautiful Church in Christ's worship with their original music. They desire to fulfill the commission of Jesus and spread the gospel message anywhere they go. Weak Made Strong writes every song from the perspective of the community, using words "we" and "us" instead of the individual "I" and "me". This serves to convey each song as a declaration from the Church to the living God. In a live setting they radiate contagious passion and energy. Their sound has allowed them to capture a wide array of audiences- children, teenagers and adults, both Christians and non-Christians alike. This is not to say that they are willing to compromise biblical truths or convictions. Their songs are inspired by the infallible Word of God and their heart is for Him to receive all praise and adoration through the music they make. Romans 11:36.
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Whittier, CA



Band Members:

Angel J. - Vocals
Dan G. - Guitar
Mike V. - Guitar
Mark L. - Drums
Steve R. - Bass
Wake and Recreate
Plays: 2634
Love Chapter NEW
Plays: 669
Choir On The Frontline NEW
Plays: 30
Total Plays: 3333