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The Staff is an ensemble of four Christian rappers: Lone, Preach, Marcel Taylor, Carl Butler Jr. . The 4-piece is called that because of the many meanings of the word "staff." For example – a music staff, a walking staff, or employed staff. “Each artist represents his own, individual music ministry,” Von Won explained to the Chron. “But they all know that, by working together, we can make an even greater impact.” The group will be releasing music under Nineveh Music Group and the first single is called "Work." “Scripture tells us that God sent Jonah to Nineveh to call its citizens to repentance. Our work follows a similar pattern and is intended to reach people in the very streets that birthed us. It’s about not forgetting where you came from and wanting to share the Good News with your neighbors,” stated Von Won.
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The Staff

Houston, TX


The Staff
Nineveh Music - Work (1)
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