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My name is Malachi Emmanuel Fitten aka "Maliphresh". I am 22 yrs old born on February 23rd. I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. I've been Christian Rapping since 8 yrs old when I won my 2nd grade Talent show and when I was 16, I was voted best artist at my neighborhood Talent Show. In 2014 I became the 1st rapper to perform at City Hall in Cleveland. I’ve been saved since five years old and was really INSPIRED and INFLUENCED by Da truth, Ambassador and my big brothers Mastamind & Don Toine (who used to write my songs). I was born and raised in the church and was trained up in the way I should go and have yet or will depart from it. I wrote my 1st Christian song around 2012 it was called "The Gospel", and I've yet to record it because I can't find someone to sing on it. My name came as a joke when I was rapping in the studio with my cousins around 15 years old doing a secular song with my cousin they told me to say "mali mali mali fresh" and then I took it and ran with
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Cleveland, OH


Copy of Holy Spirit
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