Band Description
Maddie Rey is a Christian recording artist and with a heart to minster to her generation through music, dance, rap, videos, and her ability to preach. She imparts into young people a passion to pursue God in a greater way through her "Dwell" message. Maddie Rey minsters to young people about how they don't have to go into the world but that there is a generation rising up that is choosing to stay in the church and serve God all the days of their life. Maddie Rey has traveled across the nation and in parts of the world performing for youth events, conferences, crusades, and festivals. She was just recently in Perth, Australia where she performed in a stadium of over 4,000 young people and touched so many lives through her music and passion for Jesus. Anytime Maddie Rey has been given the opportunity to perform she has left it all on the stage with her high energy, dynamic vocals, dance routines, and her passion for the Lord.
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Maddie Rey

Waukegan, IL


Singer Songwriter, Pop Funk, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop
Plays: 16
Crusin Final Mix
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Fire Final Master
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Total Plays: 18