Band Description
There is a deep story woven into the lyrics and melodies of Christian group Clear Pioneer. While heavily influenced by pop, synth wave and alternative rock styles, their self-produced EP, “Clouded Mouth,” takes you on an honest and adventurous ride through retelling of love and all that results from it - the ups and the downs. But in their words… you hear hope… and it's contagious. Their live show stands out above any of each individual identifiable trait of the group, offering a spiritually engaging twist on the Indie Pop genre. Within the last year (2017), Clear Pioneer performed alongside critically acclaimed artists including Jesse McCartney and Remedy Drive and collected an impressive 30,000 streams across digital media on their EP "Clouded Mouth" In just under 6 months
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Clear Pioneer

Milwaukee, WI


Electronic, Alternative, Indie, Pop

Band Members:

Kyler Schmor - Drums, Vocals, Programming
Grant Clementi - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Jesse Carl - Bass, Vocals, Synth
Jon Eleyet - Guitar, synths, Vocals
Plays: 4382
You Owe
Plays: 4367
Plays: 4362
Clouded Mouth
Plays: 2741
Total Plays: 15852