Band Description
With roots in Milwaukee, WI, Clear Pioneer has been on the come up in recent history. If they’re not on your radar, you’re going to want them to be. Comprised of Grant Clementi, Kyler Schmor Jesse Carl, and Jon Eleyet their purpose is to elicit an emotional response from the listener by writing heartfelt lyrics that are brought to life by guitar-driven flares and synthesized atmospheres. Through this, they can achieve their greater mission -- to share God’s kindness and mercy with those who identify with their music. Similarly to Twenty One Pilots and Family Force 5, they aspire to reach those who have ever felt uncertainty in their purpose and share God's love to guide them in their journey through life. Their sound can be most simply categorized as Indie-Pop but pairs electronic enhancements and synths to their melodic, yet raw, one-liners and catchy choruses for a genre-bending product that is “painted in ambient tones, resulting in an 80s-esque vibe” (Explain.News).
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Clear Pioneer

Milwaukee, WI


Electronic, Alternative, Indie, Pop

Band Members:

Kyler Schmor - Drums, Vocals, Programming
Grant Clementi - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Jesse Carl - Bass, Vocals, Synth
Jon Eleyet - Guitar, synths, Vocals
You Owe
Plays: 5860
Honeymoon Stages
Plays: 5743
See It All
Plays: 5619
Tacoma (New Single) 5/26
Plays: 3561
Total Plays: 20783