Band Description
I am 18 years old, and I started writing and recording my own songs last year just for fun. With very low grade and inexpensive equipment I wrote, mixed, produced, and composed my own homemade album titled "Live" (as in live your life, this is not a live album) under the artist name ADN. This was 100% a solo effort and right now I'm a one man band. I try to write songs that are meaningful to me, and that others can relate to (specifically Christians who share the faith). I feel like this is something God wants me to do, so I'm jumping into it with faith and hoping for the best. As for the music itself, I like to think it's an catchy upbeat rock-like sound with a good message, but you can decide that for yourself.
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Ancaster, ON


Indie, Rock

Band Members:

Aidan Maier - Studio Everything, Stage Guitar
Never Surrender
Plays: 11
Let it Out
Plays: 6
I Will Go
Plays: 4
Hold On
Plays: 2
Plays: 1
Let's Rock
Plays: 1
Solid Rock
Plays: 1
Plays: 1
Forgiven (and Forgotten)
Plays: 0
Total Plays: 27