Band Description
Singer-songwriter from Rockville, IN, whose music is acoustic-pop and Christ- centered. A multi-instrumentalist, Chaylyn plays almost every instrument featured in her songs and never plays less than two different instruments at her live performances. Among these instruments are piano, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, and mandolin. With over 5 years of performance experience and vast knowledge about the music industry and the art of worship leadership and performance, she is able to perform well at a variety of venues ranging from coffee shops and festivals tochurch events and conferences. "Music is meant to be felt; It is therapy. It's supposed to be honest and real", says the singer, "That's why I write the songs I do about the topics I do. I deal with real-life issues and do so honestly, while offering some hope to those who need it." Her heart is set on leading others to Christ through her music and her primary goal of writing is to give listeners an outlet in her music,
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Indianapolis , IN


Singer Songwriter, Folk, Indie, Acoustic, Pop