Band Description
Im a Born Again Christian hiphop artist on a mission to show seeds and spread the gospel. I grew up most of my life as the devils advocate doing bad and living wrong. I was raised in a Methodist church. but didn't really know much but basic's nor did I know Christ or had a relationship with him. I had one pastor that I really liked and after the church ran him out! Maybe because he had a MO hock, tattoos and piercings. he appealed to the younger groups. so they judged him. like a bunch of hypocrites'. I had a few real bad moments in that last year that changed my life. I was suicidal and wanted to end it when I got this unexpected call from a coworker of my wife. Need less to say he said all the right things to me. My uncle died that very same year I then blamed God for these and turned my back on him and the church. from then on I lived for my self and the only outlet I had was music. God literally let me back myself into a corner ware I had no way out to the point I had
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Cudahy, WI


Rap, Hip Hop