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Must Build Jacuzzi

Fame Rating: 50%

Formed in a whirlwind of musical genres in central Illinois cornfields, Must Build Jacuzzi runs rampant with a wild live

Crystal Padilla Music (CPM)

Fame Rating: 50%

Crystal Padilla is a recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion for music and ministry fuels a diverse blend of

Jacob Daniel

Fame Rating: 50%

Jacob Daniel is a singer/songwriter from Sioux Falls, SD. Coming off of his second album last June called "Storm This Castle",


Fame Rating: 50%

Im a hip hop artist from Grand Rapids Mi. My name is Percy Hammons I go by Peazy as you can see. This is my Platform of worship

In The Verse

Fame Rating: 50%

We are a Christian Rock band from Southeastern Wisconsin that are joined together with one mission: furthering the kingdom


Fame Rating: 50%

Since he was a teen, Echo has been cultivating an environment in the music scene in the Midwest, predominantly in hip hop

Dreamer & The Smoke Rings

Fame Rating: 50%

DREAMER & THE SMOKE RINGS offers a performance driven show and groovy, psychedelic soundscapes to its loving and eclectic

B List Boys

Fame Rating: 50%

Hello, My name is Courtnee Morris and I am 1/3 of a Christian Hip/Hop group called the B List Boys. The B List Boys are


Fame Rating: 52.5%

33 AD is a worship/Rock band from Southern Illinois. They travel the region spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ thru the

Mikale E

Fame Rating: 70%

Kate Baumer

Fame Rating: 50%

Kate Baumer is a Catholic singer/songwriter from Lansing, Michigan. Kate started writing music in her dorm at Michigan State,


Fame Rating: 51.1%

Since 2009, Turnaround has been electrifying audiences with their energy on stage and unique hip-hop, electronic, funk-influenced


Fame Rating: 51%

Music artist PreacherMan is no stranger to the music and recording industry. From different sounds to top shelf production,

Clear Pioneer

Fame Rating: 60.2%

There is a deep story woven into the lyrics and melodies of Christian group Clear Pioneer. While heavily influenced by pop,

FYG -For Your Glory

Fame Rating: 51.8%

For Your Glory also known as FYG is a group of Christian praise and worship leaders who love Christ and believe in his word.


Fame Rating: 50.6%

Hailing from a small Southern California town by the name of Rialto, Will a.k.a. Hiz Will (Singer, Songwriter) began to hear


Fame Rating: 55.7%

The near future has always been just one beat ahead of us; so close we can almost feel it. That music you're always not quite