Big Ticket Festival 2017 is offering 15 slots, stage/date/time TBD on one of these three days:

Thursday June 22
Friday June 23
Saturday June 24

If your band is chosen to play, each artist/band will need to pay the festival a performance fee of $175. 

Big Ticket Festival will provide 3 judges on-site,  one band will be chosen from BTF and go onto the CFA National Talent Search, Final National Winner Round.

Bands can bring their merch for set-up on the day they play. First $500 of merch sales waived, then 5% flat fee on sales over $500.

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B List Boys

Fame Rating: 50%

Hello, My name is Courtnee Morris and I am 1/3 of a Christian Hip/Hop group called the B List Boys. The B List Boys are


Fame Rating: 51.9%

33 AD is a worship/Rock band from Southern Illinois. They travel the region spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ thru the

Mikale Erhart

Fame Rating: 70%

Skateboarder, traveler, and singer/songwriter Mikale Erhart is kicking off his music career with his energetic, electronic

Kate Baumer

Fame Rating: 50%

Kate Baumer is a Catholic singer/songwriter from Lansing, Michigan. Kate started writing music in her dorm at Michigan State,


Fame Rating: 70.2%

“In life you can either choose fear or choose faith.” That’s how Kat Hartmann describes the emotion and drive behind


Fame Rating: 50.1%

One True King is a contemporary Christian rock band, reminiscent of yesteryear with a solid classic rock sound—Third Day


Fame Rating: 50.7%

Music artist PreacherMan is no stranger to the music and recording industry. From different sounds to top shelf production,


Fame Rating: 50%

We are Seed, a band brought together and held together by God, set out to destroy all the lies of this world through warfare,


Fame Rating: 53.1%

SafeKept is a rock band from Ohio. Forming in late 2013, the band has logged nearly 200 performances to date. In 2015, the


Fame Rating: 50%

KINGLY is a group of creatives in the St. Louis region. They write, record, and lead worship music for the Church. Their


Fame Rating: 50%

Armor is an aspiring Christian artist with an indie feel. She is a self-taught musician and singer who started writing music

The Michael Reed Band

Fame Rating: 60%

Rock, Folk, Groove, and Soul. From the Cedar Valley, the Michael Reed Band has been playing regionally for the past two years


Fame Rating: 54.1%

The Savior’s Army

Fame Rating: 70%

In a world full of drugs and violence, certain tragedies and experiences can mold who you become, whether bad or good. out


Fame Rating: 65.8%

DAVIDSTOUT is an indie rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Driven by energetic guitar parts and dynamic drums and bass, the