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Hailing from a small Southern California town by the name of Rialto, Will a.k.a. Hiz Will (Singer, Songwriter) began to hear Jesus calling him to Gospel music. Even though he heard the call, he decided to go another direction. In the mid 90's he joined an R&B group called Hyacin and although experiencing minor success he decided to leave the group and go off to College. It wasn't long before he began to feel something was missing. Jesus had not been the driving force or the center of his life the way Jesus should have been. Hiz Will begin to suppress the gift God had given him until he began to submerge himself into gospel music and the Lord began to reignite his love for music and prepare him for his calling. As for the name well Hiz Will means exactly how it reads (His (God’s Will, meaning Will belongs to God)). As a result he joined a Gospel duo entitled Troy & Will and every since then a new movement known as R&G (Rhythm & Gospel) was born. R&G is a
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Elk Grove, CA



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William Robinson - Vocals
Take My Hand
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