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Gracious Vine is a Christian Rock band formed originally as a trio, it has developed into a full 6 piece band. With soulful and passionate vocals, with ethereal and classic rock riffs, female lead singer, Joanna Fruhauf, leads the band with dynamic lyrics and a comforting and compelling smooth alto voice. They travel the northeastern seaboard states, growing a larger and larger audience with each circuit. Their recent cd RISE, has stacked up to be a truly inspirational and heart moving cd. The vocals, musicianship and lyrical word pictures help to paint with every not a picture of a majestic, glorious and yet tenderly redeeming and ever personal God. Band members: Joanna Fruhauf, Lead vocals, Keys John Fruhauf, acoustic guitar Dan Gallagher, drums, vocals Tom LaMarco, bass, resonator Anthony DiFabio, electric guitar Bob Goodwin, electric guitar
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Gracious Vine

Port Jefferson Station, NY


Singer Songwriter, Indie, Acoustic, Rock

Band Members:

Joanna Fruhauf - Vocals, Keys
John Fruhauf - acoustic guitar
Dan Gallagher - drums, vocals
Tom LaMarco - bass, resonator
Anthony DiFabio - electric guitar
Bob Goodwin - electric guitar
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You are My God
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I Long for You
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