Band Description
After April is a rock band based out of Greenville, NC. The members – Josh Branch, Tyler Williams, Thorne Wiggs and Jonathan Evans – each bring influences from various styles of music as each band member’s personality is completely different. They take their varying styles and mesh them together to create their music as heard on the debut EP, Canvas, which was recorded and produced by Grammy nominated and Dove Award Winning producer, and friend, Rusty Varenkamp. After April was started roughly 3 years ago, believe it or not, through a Craigslist posting! They love creating music in their own ways to form a special piece of art and connecting with people through their beliefs and feelings. They are passionate about the creative process that leads to the thrill of a live performance and the connection with all the listeners when they receive feedback of how After April’s music positively affects their lives.
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After April

Greenville, NC


Pop, Rock

Band Members:

Josh Branch - Vocals
Thorne Wiggs - Guitar
Tyler Williams - Guitar
Jameson Wooten - Bass
Jonathan Evans - Drums
Plays: 244
Holding On
Plays: 202
Come Back
Plays: 203
What Are We Waiting For
Plays: 192
Follow You
Plays: 200
Total Plays: 1041