Band Description
Adelaide is a National Touring Contemporary Rock Band whose primary focus is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through profound yet relatable lyrics and music. Adelaide is quickly gaining international attention through airplay and live performances. They released the first album “The Bigger Picture” in the summer of 2015, which began as a solo project when lead singer, Laura [aka Adelaide], decided to record the songs she had been inspired to write over the previous ten years. It was in that process of recording that Laura met lead guitarist and project manager, Jake Bond, of Walker Bros. Studio in Bernie, MO, and his band. Since the release of The Bigger Picture, the band has collaborated in writing new music and is set to release their new, full-length album in the Fall of 2018. Adelaide is a driven ministry, with a band composed of worship and youth leaders who all share a deep passion for missions both home and abroad.
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Fame Rating

Cape Girardeau, MO


Alternative, Pop, Rock

Band Members:

Jake Bond - Lead Guitar
Garrett Robison - Bass
Eric Callahan - Drums
Laura Respondek - Vocals
Plays: 1043
Plays: 1176
Risk It All
Plays: 971
The Bigger Picture
Plays: 264
You Have My Heart
Plays: 259
Don't Let Go
Plays: 255
Total Plays: 3968